Thebinding capacity might not be large enough for some users

There are numerous types of documentfinishing methods Metal spinning and one of the most popular is wire binding. Thismethod sets itself apart from the rest because it makes every documentlook professional and sophisticated. One machine that utilizes thismethod is the Tamerica TW2100, a device that's great for use in today'sworkplaces. Here are the pros and cons of this machine so you candetermine if it's right for your needs. Check them out.... The pros: This machine works very quickly. When you use it, you'll find that it'spossible to punch up to 5,000 sheets of paper per hour and bind 250books. (It can punch 20 sheets at one time.)


Thus, this is a greatdevice to get if you need to produce a lot of documents quickly. The TW2100 has an open punching throat that can accommodate paperthat's up to 14 inches long. (Legal-sized paper measures 8.5" x 14") Ithas fully disengageable dies that make it possible to produce differentnumbers of holes for different sizes of paper. When punched, your paperwill have 2:1 pitch pattern with 2 holes per every inch of paper. This device is compatible with wire spines ranging in thickness from9/16" - 1-1/8". Thus, your documents can contain over 200 pages each. In addition to disengageable dies, the TW2100 has a punch depthadjustment feature with four different settings. This will allow you topunch holes as close to or as far from the edge of the paper as youneed them. This device has separate handles forpunching the paper and closing the wire spines.


This helps the machinestay in good working order because one part won't get overused. Almostall of the parts of this machine are made of metal so you can use itfrequently and not worry about it breaking down. The TW2100 is reasonably priced and it comes with a one-year warranty. The cons: The TW2100 is strictly a 2:1 pitch machine. You won't be able to use3:1 pitch wire spines with it. You also can't do other types ofdocument finishing with it, such as plastic comb binding.


Thebinding capacity might not be large enough for some users. If that'sthe case, choosing a different binding method (i.e. thermal) would be agood idea. This machine's wire closer is stuckin a compartment that you need to open up before using it. This willadd a few seconds to the binding process. Thepunching and closing handles might be difficult for left-handed peopleto use because they're on the right side of the device. Overall, the Tamerica TW2100 is a great device if you need a 2:1 pitchwire binding machine. It's great that it has a 14-inch throat and thatyou can bind booklets containing legal-sized paper. This will reallygive you a lot of flexibility in determining which kind of documentsyou want to produce. While this machine does have a few drawbacks,overall this is a product that's meant to impress. Get one for youroffice today.

Finding a good quality spiral coil bindingmachine

Finding a good quality spiral coil bindingmachine for a good price can be challenging. It can be difficult tofind a machine that is reliable, easy to use and has the features thatyou need all for a decent deal. However, the Akiles CoilMac ECI claimsto be all of these things. In fact, it appears to be one of the mostpopular coil binding machines on the market. I recently went out intothe warehouse and opened up one of these machines to see if theCoilmac-ECI is all that it claims to be. This review will detail myobservations concerning the features, limitations and construction ofthis machine.

Features:    The first feature that I decided to test on this machine was thepunching mechanism. The ECI has a manual punching mechanism that israted for punching up to 17 sheets of paper at a time. When I actuallytested my machine I found that it would comfortably punch between 14-15sheets per lift. Seventeen sheets of 20lb paper was possible but youhad to pull pretty hard to get it to punch. The Coilmac-ECI had noproblem punching the clear covers or polycovers that I tested on it.However, punching plastic covers should be limited to 2 sheets at atime with this machine. Second, I wanted to take a look at the coil inserter. The machine hastwo rollers mounted near the front of the machine. There is a switch toturn the coil inserter on and off and a foot pedal control to activatethe coil inserter. The coils spin very fast and help to spin the coilsonto your books.

 The inserter on ECI includes two fixed spinningrollers. This makes it great for spinning smaller sized coils (largercoils will need to be inserted by hand). The foot pedal control is veryuseful, it allowed me to hold my documents with both hands while I wasinserting the coil. The ECI had a few other features that I thought were worth noting.First, it has a number of disengageable dies on the front of themachine. These dies allow you to pull a punching pin for dealing withdifferent sizes of paper. Using these pull pins you can use the ECI topunch 8.5", 11", A4 and A5 paper. This is a pretty good selection ofsizes and will fit the needs of most organizations. I also noticed thatthe Coilmac-ECI includes a continuous punching guide. This is simply asmall metal tab that extends from the right side of the machine.


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