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This machine has a feed opening that's 9 inches

General Binding Corporation developsmore than just binding Sheet metal fabrication machines. They also offer an incredible lineupof paper shredders and have several high-security devices that areperfect for frequent use in larger offices. One of these is theirShredMaster GLHS9. Here's all you need to know about this machine todecide if this is the machine your office needs. Heavy-duty performance. The GLHS9 was designed to bea shredder that can handle a lot of work and it would be perfect foroffices that have a lot of employees who need to destroy documentsfrequently.

This machine has a feed opening that's 9 inches wide andcan accept both letter- and legal-sized items. It can also shred creditand debit cards, CD's and DVD's (there is a separate slot for theseitems), and paper fasteners. When working with paper, this unit canshred up to 9 sheets at a time, plus the continuous-duty mother allowsyou to shred non-stop. You won't even have to let the shredder cool offin between jobs. Lots of security. TheGLHS9 is a super micro-cut shredder that offers some of the bestavailable protection against identity theft thanks to a Level 5security rating.

This guarantees that your documents - both paper andelectronic - will never find their way into the hands of an identitythief or even just someone who really shouldn't be seeing your privateinformation. This device will turn your items into bits that measure ascant 1/30" x 4/9" for ultimate protection. A huge waste compartment.One of the most helpful features of this machine is its huge wastecompartment. It has a 30-gallon capacity so it won't need to be emptiedvery often, which will really help you save time and keep your officespic and span. You can use GBC shredder bags with your machine for aperfect fit. Easy portability and operation. Thisdevice is pretty large: it stands 35 inches tall and is 20 inches wide,plus it's a bit heavy.

Thankfully, GBC has installed casters on thebottom of the device to make it a little bit easier to move around.Also, the GLHS9 has an auto reverse feature that will kick in if youaccidentally feed the machine too much paper or encounter a jam. Theunit will even switch on by itself when it detects items in its throatsand it will shut down when not in use. In case you run into trouble.... Thisshredder has a really great warranty.

Not only does GBC offer a 2-yearwarranty on parts and labor, plus one year of coverage on the cuttingmechanism, they'll even send someone out to your office to give you ahand if your machine gives you grief. Finally, the GBC ShredMaster GLHS9 is offered with a list price ofabout $4000. However, you should be able to find it for quite a bitless than that. Considering the level of security the unit offers andthat it has a continuous-duty motor, this shredder is reasonablypriced. So if your office or business needs a great paper shredder,this device could be just the ticket.

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